intelligent codebase copilotintelligent codebase copilot

Maige is open-source infrastructure for running natural language workflows on your codebase.

version one: 2024/07/23

Used by 3.3k++ repos:

Get started in a few clicks:


Connect your repo

When you connect, we create three things: a webhook, embeddings of your entire codebase, and a sandbox environment.

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Write your rules

Simply describe what should happen when issues and PRs are opened.

Maige can label, assign, comment, review code, and even run simple code snippets.


Watch it run

Tell your community how to leverage your workflows. Monitor runs and provide feedback in our dashboard.

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Maige works flexibly with the GitHub API to find a way.

+ maige always assign UI-related issues to @username

+ maige label .env PRs as 'needs-approval' unless opened by @maintainer

+ maige review all incoming PRs per our

+ maige is an AI with access to GitHub. it can do anything you could do in the UI.

+ It labels your issues automatically

| There's also a code sandbox that it can spin up

+ It can also review PRs

+ The whole thing is customizable with text

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Try Maige for free, then pay by usage.

Standard Plan

$30.00 USD/month

First 30 issues free to push Maige to its limits.

+ Auto-labelling

+ Auto-assignment

+ Auto-comments

+ Custom instructions

+ Code review

+ Code generation

No credit card required


Best for large teams.

Coming soon.

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